Like Peas In A Pod

We’ve called upon brilliant minds to support the Derivative Solutions mission in helping businesses and organizations through times of transition and change. They bring to the table expertise, precision, diversity and flawless execution to bring about innovation and smooth transformation. Meet our stars!

Maria Gutierrez

Founder & CEO

Passionate leader with high communications skills, creativity and ability to organize, initiate change, and obtain buy-in from divergent interests. In 2016 Maria became a certified LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator with great success.

Federico Goroztieta

President & Facilitator

For the past 25 years, Federico Goroztieta has led a dynamic leadership career as an Executive Consultant to diverse institutions and/or corporations to optimize performance; drive; revenue; growth, and strengthen their competitive market position. He is a professional who can be distinguished as a perceptive negotiator focused on principals strengthening and customer service, along with problem solving and team building skills.

Angèle Beausoleil

Strategist & Innovation Facilitator

Dr. Angèle Beausoleil has been actively involved in designing and launching innovation processes and platforms inside organizations for the past 25 years. A former strategist and innovation executive for Canadian and UK firms, she has worked closely with US and global brands on reframing services, products and platforms that solve real human-centred problems. As Canada’s first PhD in Innovation graduate from the University of British Columbia, she teaches, trains and leads research on how innovativeness (innovative capacity) can be learned. She actively presents, facilitates and consults with companies eager to develop innovative leadership skills.

Steve Bocska


Steve is CEO of Pug Pharm Productions, an award-winning company that uses gameplay principles and technologies to solve challenging business problems.His expertise is in getting communities active and engaged – creating fun, playful places that foster and measure community identity, reputation, and status.

Lourdes Botello

Content Director

Within her Consulting, she serves as the content director of Fotosintesis Media, a multi-platform agency for content production and cinema for a cause. Among its clients you will find cultural, human development, life style, travel and altruism organizations. She worked as a journalist and editorial director for some of Time Inc.’s titles in Mexico and other important magazines. Her skills as Editor, Journalist, Project Manager and Story Coach, and her ability to find insights and create new and exiting narratives help her clients construct effective communication strategies and business plans. She loves hiking, running and is the mother of 3 boys.

Liz Phillips

Communication Design & Facilitator

Founder of Visual Thinkers Communication Design Inc. She specializes in communication for socially responsible and sustainable businesses and has co-created powerful design solutions for companies across North America. Her artful style of inquiry and visual thinking are a true asset to cultures moving through growth and change.